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TMC/NLC Low Res Fraliens .2

TMC/NLC Low Res Fraliens .2


High Res 0.2
Are regulated mods, mid range wattage and plenty of flavour your thing? Then look no further, high res fraliens are like the high res aliens, however have an extra sprinkle of flavour to brighten your day that much further.

Framed Staple Alien Coils, or Fraliens for short, are the top dog of the coil world. Fraliens have 2 round wire frames holding up a stack of vertically positioned ribbon wire strands that are a TINY 0.1mm thick, fused with the Alien fuse technique previously mentioned. The multiple lengths of ribbon provide channels for your juice to sit in and a large increase in surface area, which of course means a large increase in flavour and vapour production! All the while holding onto the benefits of the alien fuse, these coils will have your mouth watering for your favourite juice