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Get Hooked

Get Hooked

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Get Hooked NZ e-juice. Some variants are *discontinued, stock up while you can!


Baited Breath* - Sweet mango pieces submerged in fresh yoghurt. A true mango flavour.

Bed Time Dory - Vanilla custard made with rich full cream. A tasty smooth vape to satisfy all of your custard cravings.

Brain Sturgeon - A main flavour of nectarine with the addition of peach, jackfruit and other fruits to make this sweet fruit nectar.

By Hoki* - Lemon honey. Smooth and Sweet.

Cray Cray* - A deep fried donut oozing with blueberry jam filling, coated with powdered sugar.

For Fucks Hake* - Inspired by a Vanilla Almond Milk I tried from America, I wanted a similar flavour without the added sweeteners. And so we have… For Fucks Hake

Gill Tea* - Sweet spiced chai tea with milk.

Groper Tits* - For all you strawberry fans. This sweet strawberry juice combines with fried doughnut flavours on the inhale and fluffy marshmallow on the exhale.

Gurnard Bro* - It’s carrot cake with cream cheese icing. What else can I say? Moist.

Hand of Cod* - A sweet frosted vanilla cupcake laced with rich white chocolate chips. Sure to satisfy your sweet tooth!

Hardcore Prawn - Black Jellybean!

Krillin IT* - Moro bar coated in batter and deep fried – a kiwi chip shop favourite!

Lost Urchin - Strawberries, blueberries and forest fruits all tied together with pleasant floral back notes.

Marlin Monroe - Vanilla ice cream dipped in a sweet doughnut batter and deep fried. Sprinkled with powdered sugar before being served. This stuff is addictive.

That’s A Moray* - Peanut butter and Raspberry Jelly sandwich? Yes please!

You Just Jelly - Did you ever eat lime jelly crystals straight out of the packet? This will bring you back to that. Easily an ADV.