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Leaking tanks and broken glass.

Posted by Lawrence Coe on
Leaking tanks and broken glass.
This is one we have all had troubles with, from beginners to pro! It’s a constant battle whether you build your own coils or buy prebuilt disposables. But it doesn’t have to be a struggle and so here are some tips to keeping those tanks clean and the ejuice on the inside:
Prebuilt Tanks
  • First thing first, check the coil! Make sure its sitting nice and snug, but not too tight. Over tightening your coils can cause just as many problems as a loose one.
  • Tank seals are a rare one but it always pays to check the rubber seals on your tank are all in good condition with no breaks or tearing.
  • Keep your airflow closed when not in use. Sometimes tanks left sitting will lose pressure in the tank and the juice will seep out the airflow holes and flood the coil.
  • Still leaking? Try a new coil; this could be your culprit.
  • Keep your tank upright. Most tanks aren’t designed to be on their side and this can lead to leaking. If the device is going to be left on its side consider removing the tank from the device.


Leaking rebuildables

  • When wicking your tanks make sure there is enough material to stop it leaking without overstuffing the coil. Little gaps in these ports are like leaving a window open on a rainy night and practice makes perfect.
  • Make sure when you refill you tank you have your air flow shut. Rebuildable’s are much more likely to leak if you leave you airflow open, due to pressure flooding..

If all else fails try checking the PG/VG ratio of your e-juice. Some e-liquids are thinner than others and are more likely to leak through your tank


Broken or shattered glass? Dropped it? Fell out of your pocket? 
Accidents happen! Don't panic we have a solution!

  •  Wrap the tank in a cloth or tissue paper to avoid any splintering or harm from the broken glass.
  • Visit your local store instore or online to see if they have a replacement glass.

If you are in store our switch employees can replace the broken glass and clean the tank for you but if you are not: 

  • Carefully remove all broken glass trying to not damage the seal rings on the inside of your tank. Disassemble the tank and run it under water to wash out any smaller missed pieces and wipe clean with a cloth or tissue to remove any residue, water or other small pieces of glass. Be very careful when you do this.
  • Reassemble your tank ensuring you have the seal rings (otherwise known as O-rings) inside the tank and slide on the new glass.
  •  Reassemble your tank, fill it up and you are good to go! 


If you cannot find the replacement glass for your device on our website then feel free to visit us in store, our physical stores may have what you are looking for or be able to find one to fit your device! 

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